Crowd controller

A Crowd Controller service manages and directs large gatherings of people, ensuring safety and order. It involves trained personnel overseeing crowd movement, preventing congestion, and responding to emergencies. Through strategic positioning and communication, they maintain crowd flow, mitigate potential conflicts, and address unforeseen situations. The service enhances event security, minimizes risks, and promotes a positive experience for attendees

Corporate sites

Corporate Site Security Service safeguards business premises from threats. It encompasses physical measures like access control, surveillance, and alarms, coupled with digital protection against cyberattacks. Trained personnel monitor premises, ensuring only authorized entry and quick response to incidents. Cybersecurity involves firewalls, encryption, and regular updates to defend against data breaches and malware. The service mitigates risks, protects assets, and maintains confidentiality, bolstering business continuity and client trust.

Bars and night clubs

Bars and nightclubs security service ensures safe and enjoyable environments. Trained staff manage entry, verifying IDs and maintaining a controlled crowd. They monitor for intoxication and potential conflicts, intervening as needed to prevent disturbances. Security personnel also handle emergency situations and enforce venue policies. Surveillance systems assist in monitoring activities and deterring misconduct. This service fosters a secure atmosphere, enabling patrons to relax and have fun.

Pokies venues

Pokies venues security service ensures the safety and integrity of gambling establishments with electronic gaming machines (pokies). Trained personnel manage access, verify legal age, and prevent unauthorized entry. They monitor for disruptive behavior, handle disputes, and respond to emergencies. Additionally, security staff oversee the fair play of games and prevent cheating or tampering with machines. Surveillance systems aid in tracking activities and deterring misconduct. This service creates a secure environment for patrons to engage in gaming activities while upholding regulatory compliance.


Retail security service safeguards stores against theft and disruptions. Trained professionals manage entry, prevent shoplifting, and address customer conflicts. They monitor CCTV systems, deterring theft and identifying suspicious activity. Additionally, security staff respond to emergencies, ensuring the safety of customers and employees. The service also involves implementing loss prevention strategies, such as inventory control and alarm systems. By maintaining a secure shopping environment, retail security enhances customer satisfaction, protects merchandise, and supports a smooth shopping experience.

Asset protection

Asset protection service safeguards valuable assets from various risks. It involves strategies to mitigate potential threats like theft, vandalism, or natural disasters. Trained professionals employ physical security measures such as surveillance, access control, and alarms. They also assess vulnerabilities, develop security protocols, and ensure compliance with safety regulations. Digital asset protection includes cybersecurity measures like encryption and intrusion detection systems. This service aims to prevent loss, preserve data integrity, and maintain business continuity.

Schools and colleges

Schools and colleges security service ensures the safety of students, staff, and facilities. Trained personnel manage access, monitor premises, and respond to emergencies. They enforce safety protocols, conduct drills, and prevent unauthorized activities. Surveillance systems aid in monitoring and deterring incidents. This service prioritizes a secure learning environment, promoting student well-being and effective education. Through proactive measures, crisis preparedness, and collaboration with authorities, schools and colleges security service aims to prevent disruptions, safeguard lives, and foster an atmosphere conducive to learning.

royals security guards

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